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Product images shown on our website are for illustrative purposes only and they may vary in size and colour.  Where colour is critical, we can provide a physical sample.

Screened TopSoil

A screened topsoil has been put through a meshing process (filtered). 

Typical Uses

  • Topsoil is widely used in gardening and landscaping and is deemed better than regular soil potting mixes you can purchase.

  • Ideal for blinding rough/open textured sub-base surfaces

  • Path dressing for a bedding layer on artificial sports surfaces/lawns

  • Specialised floor finishes/screeds

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Useful Information

  • The main benefit of this is that it allows for optimum water flow and distribution of essential nutrients and minerals

  • It’s incredibly efficient at improving the quality of soil on any given patch of land and is good for levelling out uneven surfaces on your lawn.

  • Top soil provides the nutrients and minerals your plants, vegetables and shrubs needs to flourish and grow into healthy, happy plants. There are many different uses for topsoil including using it to build gardens, fix lawns and make drainage better.

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