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Recycled Type 2.png
Product images shown on our website are for illustrative purposes only and they may vary in size and colour.  Where colour is critical, we can provide a physical sample.

Type 2 Recycled


A sub-base produced from recycled aggregate graded 0mm to 32mm

Typical Uses

  • Used as a general fill or base layer for a Type 1

  • Not permitted to be the top layer in a road make-up   

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Useful Information

  • Although it contains both solids and fines, it has a wider grading envelope and contains fewer solids and a greater fine content when compared to a Type 1, which consequently means that it will create less interlock and will have less load-bearing capability

  • Unlike primary materials a recycled product will have an allowed level of contamination by weight, this can be wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass etc. Due to this fact we must make sure that recycled material is not the finished surface

  • If not conditioned with water the material will not compact properly

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