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Product images shown on our website are for illustrative purposes only and they may vary in size and colour.  Where colour is critical, we can provide a physical sample.

Type 4 Recycled/Crushed Asphalt


Type 4 is a sub-base that ranges between 50–100% of crushed asphalt and can be mixed with crushed rock or recycled aggregate

Typical Uses

  • Used to create an easily compacted load bearing sub-base and backfill, due to its cohesive qualities

  • It is often used as a hard core for temporary roadways, bridleways, site compounds and as a sub-base

  • Normally supplied as a 0-50mm grade, it will work well even if not surfaced for some time

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Useful Information

  • It does not comply to Type 1 due to the possible  high bitumen binder content

  • Not to be confused with other materials such as road planings, which are not processed and do not comply to any grading

  • 100% crushed asphalt will not compact as tightly as road planings due to the shape created by crushing

  • Though not sold as a permeable product it will have good drainage qualities due to the bitumen content

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